Taimoor Khan


v4.3.1 - Nov2021

        Dear Sir / Madam,

        Date: Sunday, 17/10/2021

        Subject: Applying to be considered for a Senior
        FullStack ReactJS/React Native Node/TypeScript Engineer

        Thank you for considering me for the post of "Experienced Front-End/Mobile Developer", with
        a proven ability to develop high-performant, elastic and scaleable mobile applications
        using state of the art React Native technology. I am enclosing my resume for your further

        We have been slowly progressing towards the universal codebase, which is a noval
        concept to have a single codebase for various platforms. React eco-system as a whole
        and React Native in mobile space is helping us achieving that concept.

        Portfolio that I have built is the central place to organise all of my previously built
        work, please check through https://taimoor.io

        Throughly going through the job description shared with me, I am confident to apply
        for this opportunity and would like to be considered, as I have relevant professional
        experience for the said job description.

        I like to return to the community in any way possible, for that I have built ten
        open source projects involving ReactJS & React Native, coining the concept of
        "Micro Frontend" - named after "Micro Services". Also, I have trained people for
        technology at various levels, university, social events by Facebook/Microsoft &
        software houses.

        Yours Sincerely,

        Taimoor Muhammad Khan